7 Awesome Ways To Get Outside And Have An Epic Summer

Summertime is a time for partying and drinking for some. For you, it’s going to be the best sober summer ever. You can have all the fun of summer without having to pick up a drink or a drug.

  • Do everything outside: If you can work outside, work outside. If you can study outside, study outside. Need to take a phone call? Take it outside. Do everything you can outside to make the most of the extra sunshine of summer. Eat dinners in the warm summer night, eat breakfast in the hot summer morning.
  • Stay Cool: There is such a thing as too much summer heat, depending on where you live. Have a “Cool Down Olympics” with friends. Use your creative minds to come up with as many cooling down activities as possible. Ever tried an Ice block race downhill?
  • Play games in the street: A little “inner child” work never hurts. Remember playing in the street until the sun went down? Even with adult responsibilities like school and work, summertime offers longer daylight hours well into the night. Make the most of your evening hours and spend them outside. Invite your friends over for a neighborhood pick up kickball, tag, bicycle racing, and “man hunts”.
  • Take Up Stargazing: Once the sun goes down after a long summer day, the fun doesn’t stop. Warm summer night time air might promise more bugs, but it also promises dozens of amazing summer constellations. You can find star charts for cheap at a local camping store or download an app for your phone. Learn to identify different constellations in the sky and learn about their stories.
  • Have A Sober Party Or Two: Picnics, barbecues, holiday celebrations, music festivals- everything can be done sober, with a lot of fun. Invite over all the friends, turn on some music, and get cooking together. Share stories, play games, eat food, and have a good time. Try making “mocktails” for fun- “virgin” versions of tasty cocktails without the alcohol.
  • Throw A Soda Party: Imitation drinks can be triggering for some people. Summertime activities can be triggering as well as memories of parties past can be thriving. Try throwing a soda or juice party instead of focusing on the lack of alcohol. Go to specialty stores and grocery stores looking for unique sodas or juices. Beware the sugar high and crash!
  • Take An End Of Summer Road Trip: Road trips are great all summer long. Highways can be packed with people who are also making the most out of their summer. Staying local for summer can be a huge benefit for saving money to take an epic road trip somewhere amazing at the end of the summer when peak tourist season is ending.


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