6 Reasons It’s Cool To Be Sober

  Sobriety is cool. Here are 6 reasons why:   You aren’t (part of) the problem anymore: Alcohol contributes to thousands of deaths, injuries, and accidents every single year, by the tens of thousands. Being under the influence of alcohol has statistical cost on the rest of the world. SObriety means you aren’t part of

Can Moderation Be Part Of Recovery From Alcoholism?

Moderation is defined as “the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior”. Alcoholism could be seen as an excess of alcohol, consumed in the extreme amount. There are some who are able to return to drinking in a moderate way for a lifetime. People can experience alcoholism without developing chemical dependency, or, they

What to do if you Notice Symptoms of Alcoholism in a Co-Worker


  The statistics are staggering. Over 70% of all substance abusers in the United States hold down at least one job. Now, this doesn’t mean that those individuals who are struggling with an addiction will actually use on the job, but it does affect what they do, and how they perform at work. Employers and

Avoiding the Drink : How to Stave off Alcohol Relapse


  It is possible to prevent alcohol relapse, if the individual stays diligent and takes proactive measures to do so. It is important for the individual to remember that they can’t avoid all temptations and triggers. This is why recovery must follow steps that will help the individual make the right decision when faced with

Excuses For Your Alcoholism You’re Probably Using

Coming to the first step of recovery, admitting you have a problem with alcohol, is hard to do when you don’t want to admit you have a problem with alcohol. Denial can take you years deeper into your alcoholism than you need to go. Perhaps you aren’t yet experiencing the chemical dependency on alcohol which