6 Reasons It’s Cool To Be Sober


Sobriety is cool. Here are 6 reasons why:


  • You aren’t (part of) the problem anymore: Alcohol contributes to thousands of deaths, injuries, and accidents every single year, by the tens of thousands. Being under the influence of alcohol has statistical cost on the rest of the world. SObriety means you aren’t part of the problem for society anymore.
  • You don’t have hangovers: You also have far less regrets. When you don’t get drunk and high all the time you don’t have to worry about what you did, what you didn’t do, who you called, what you said, and how much money you spent. You don’t get sick in the morning, you don’t have withdrawals, and if you play your cards right, you never have to go through detox again.
  • You’re way healthier: Remarkably, some people are able to keep up a robust health and fitness routine throughout their addiction. Most people lose sight of their health as drugs and alcohol take an exponential toll. Without the harmful substances, you have more clarity of mind and better health throughout your body. You might have incurred some long-term problems from your addiction. Thankfully, without regularly abusing substances, your immune system is strong for fighting.
  • Sober People Are Cool: Whoever said not drinking was not cool was seriously mistaken. Sober life is a good life. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is becoming more mainstream. For health reasons, personal reasons, or the matter of life or death so many face, sobriety is becoming a choice people make for their lives. It is 100% possible to have as much fun, if not more, clean and sober as you think it was when you were drunk and high.
  • Less People Will Care Than You Think: What will everyone think if I don’t drink or do drugs anymore? It’s a thought most people have when they face the option of getting sober. The good news is: your sobriety is all about you, not about other people. The bad news is: everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some people will be beyond excited for you. Others will somehow find something wrong with the fact you’re choosing to save your life by making different choices than using drugs and alcohol.
  • You’re Going To Save Money: Life skills like financial management are an important part of treatment and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. When you’re not spending a big chunk of your money on drugs and alcohol everyday, you save up quickly.



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