What Parents Should Know Their Loved One In Recovery Feels

  Parents are the greatest source of support for a loved one in recovery. Being the provider, the cheerleader, the authority, and many other roles gets exhausting. These are some of the things parents should know their loved one in recovery feels when it goes unsaid. Your Efforts Don’t Go Unrecognized You make phone calls,

4 Qualities Of A Leader In Recovery

Seeking Opportunities Not Restrictions In the 2015 remake of Point Break the wildy and reckless adventure character Bodhi exclaims to his comrades, “Isn’t it beautiful?” when he sees “the line” designating the route he will take to overcome yet another impossible extreme sport feat. Leaders look for what is possible as much as they look

Best Apps For Medication Management

Medications can be extremely helpful in the treatment process for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction or a co-occurring mental illness. At high levels of care, medication is managed by a certified nursing staff. The staff will keep track of medication, administer medication, and call in refills as necessary. Clients are checked to see that