4 Qualities Of A Leader In Recovery

Seeking Opportunities Not Restrictions

In the 2015 remake of Point Break the wildy and reckless adventure character Bodhi exclaims to his comrades, “Isn’t it beautiful?” when he sees “the line” designating the route he will take to overcome yet another impossible extreme sport feat. Leaders look for what is possible as much as they look for what is impossible. It takes a certain balance of humility and inspiration to accept what restrictions are in place, but creatively look for ways to accomplish the goal. Bold and daring to look beyond the obvious, leaders in recovery are able to trust that there is a solution to every problem. Solving the problem is just a matter of finding the right solution.

Feeling limited in one’s ability during recovery is common. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances which can restrict what someone is able to do in terms of treatment for their recovery. Leaders help encourage people to continue searching for solutions- the route to answer their problems.

Living Life On Life’s Terms

There are things we can guarantee in each day and things we cannot. The truth is, even what we guarantee could change. We’ve only experienced them has habitual patterns thus far and have no reason to doubt them. Like, the rising and setting of the sun or the changing of the seasons. Life is full of unexpected twists and plot changes. Part of recovery is learning how to live life on these terms without being in a constant state of anxiety. Expecting the unexpected is a matter of staying open-minded, which is a key component for successful recovery.

Pursuing Passion And Purpose

Life is meant to be lived. Without a passionate gusto for living, many find that their recovery becomes stale. What is the point of living without drugs and alcohol if you will not care about anything? Leaders in recovery demonstrate for others that everything can be a matter of passion. Having worked so hard to restore an authentic relationship with body, mind, heart, and soul, ongoing recovery is the time to put that connection to good use and live life to the fullest

Show Others The Way

In recovery it is often said ‘in order to keep it you have to give it away”. Feeling better and growing as a person can lead to forgetting that once you needed someone to show you the way. Leaders do not command of others, but set an example. Help others, offer your support, and continue living by example. You’ll inspire more than you’ll know.

LEAD Recovery Center fuels its programming with leadership and mentorship, encouraging each client to grow and lead others as they were once led. Providing extended care options to men and women, LEAD is a perfect choice for those who want to learn how to live again. For more information, call (800) 380-0012.