Why Sober Dating Isn’t Going To Be As Bad As You Think

Learning how to date again can be an awkward, but entertaining experience. After spending so much time working on healing yourself, you’re ready to spend some of that time with someone else, in a sober and happy way.

Turns Out, You Don’t Need A ‘Social Lubricant’

Remember that time you thought you needed a drink to be okay on a date or get high right before a date? Chances are if you weren’t in a toxic relationship with another addict or alcoholic, you probably weren’t doing much of the traditional ‘dating’ towards the bottom end of your drinking and using. Now that you are sober and getting out into the dating field, you find you’re not uncomfortable without the help of an external substance. You’re just fine being yourself, because you’ve learned that who you are is pretty great.

Going Out For A Drink Is A Pretty Boring Date

One of the funny things about getting sober is realizing how much there is to do, see, and explore in the world. While bars and restaurants can be interesting, and you have definitely grown to love food more than before, you are surprised by the automated response people have for going to one. You’ve spent enough time in dark places with alcohol and other substances. Being sober gives you a creative and enthusiastic advantage in dating. Go somewhere in nature, plan a walk on the beach, or do something adventurous together. You’ll show others that you’re interested in living life to its fullest.

Your Judgment Won’t Be Compromised

Most of us in recovery can admit we stayed on a date or in a relationship for much longer than we needed to because of the way drugs and alcohol compromised our judgment. When the flirting gets heavy and the euphoria takes over, it’s hard not to call it love and call it a night. Thankfully, with a clean, sober mind and conscious you’re able to know when the right time to say goodbye is and move on without feeling rejected, disappointed, or hurt. When it’s meant to be, it will be.

You’re Really Honest

A lot of that clarity comes from your newfound honesty and commitment to honesty. You’ve learned that you cannot get away with lying to yourself about anything anymore. Even if you do, it doesn’t last long. Honesty in a relationship is key to success. Transparent and authentic, you’ll be bringing something real to the table from the get go.


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