Tips For Mental Health Management During Travel And Adventure

Getting to go out and live your life is the not so hidden secret of recovery. During the initial detox phase of treatment, it can be hard to conceptualize a future without drugs and alcohol that will actually feel good. Through treatment programs like the one at LEAD Recovery Center, adventure therapy, nature therapy, and immersive outdoor experiences make recovery meaningful. By developing necessary life skills through practical experiences, individuals can learn not just how to enjoy life, but how to navigate it successfully while staying sober.

Living with Mental Illness

Long term recovery means freedom and the ability to see the world. The old adage applies: everywhere you go, there you are. Mental illness is something that has to be learned to live with. Addiction gets easier over time. HOwever, any day can suddenly become a day marked by symptoms of depression and anxiety. Travel and adventure are lifestyles which can be enhanced by recovery, because they are a gift of recovery. No matter where you are in the world and what adventure you are on, it is essential to continue taking care of your mental health, staying in check with your addiction, and supporting yourself the way you need.

Paste Magazine writes that “Travel poses unexpected emotional challenges, regardless of where you are on the mental health spectrum.” They suggest these three tips for managing mental health on the road when you are far away from home:

  • Stay in touch with your mental health professional
  • Keep a schedule
  • Meditate

Tips to Get Started

We offer you these important tips:

  • Look for recovery support group meetings everywhere you are in the world. The familiarity of the language and the shared struggle with addiction can be comforting in difficult times. When there isn’t a physical meeting, you can find a call in meeting or one done online.
  • Keep the phone numbers of your therapist, psychiatrist, sponsor, and other key people in your support team written down and on your person, in case you lose your phone.
  • Maintain balance in your diet and exercise. Travel can be a lifestyle easily confused with vacation. If you are on an adventure, it is important to keep balance, get enough sleep, and take care of yourself.
  • Remember that life happens and traveling or being on an adventure doesn’t stop that. Give yourself the space to have a down day or two where you just rest, relax, and process.

LEAD Recovery Center encourages clients to live autonomous, adventurous lives. Our extended care programs are available to men and women recovering from addiction and dual diagnosis issues. For more information, call 1-800-380-0012.