Use Mindfulness To Your Benefit As A Leader


Mindfulness in leadership is a priceless tool. In recovery, we have an opportunity to become a leader, blazing the trail toward healthy and balanced living, clean and sober from our addictions.

With mindfulness you notice, not sweat, the small stuff

Mindfulness is learning to stop and smell the roses without worrying about the thorns. We can mindfully notice the thorns as our challenges toward enjoying something sweet and wonderful. Each day we are presented with challenges, thorns, that we allow to overtake the wonderful roses we have all day- our moments of mindfulness. Rather than sweat the small stuff, we are able to observe them and notice them. By paying attention to the present, like noticing the rose, we are able to let the small stuff be part of the moment instead of the whole moment. Roses comes with thorns. Life comes with small stuff. When we practice mindfulness, we shift what we put our energy into noticing more.

With mindfulness we can transition between phases of our day

Leaders have many phases of the day from start to finish. A good leader learns how to organize and manage their time, giving themselves room in between. A mindful leader knows how not to compartmentalize but create a seamless flow of wholeness throughout the day. Instead of crashing and burning at the end of the day, for example, a mindful leader can use their skills to transition into relaxation and notice the completion of the day, rather than compensate by looking for ways to numb out.

With mindfulness we can start our day on the right track

Mindfulness is the best way to start a day as a leader as well. When we start the day with mindfulness, we put our brain in a relaxed state which encourages us to carry our mindfulness throughout the day. We train our brain to be in a state of noticing and observation, allowing us to respond to the day’s demands instead of react. Acting with more self-compassion, we can be more compassionate leaders toward others.

With mindfulness we can give the present all of our attention

We can’t be caught up in the past or the future when we our leading our own lives and the lives of others through the present. Mindfulness focuses on bringing our attention and focus to the present moment through each breath. We help our brain stay present and focused on what is happening now, which helps us better resolve the past as well as plan efficiently for the future.


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