Special Challenges Faced by Youth in Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is a daunting task for anyone. However, youth especially face unique challenges, which can make their recovery process even harder. Young adults face an uphill battle on a physical as well as a psychological level when they confront their addiction. In fact, the number of young people in recovery is on the rise, and the question is why. So what are some of the challenges that youth face in this situation?

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the oldest form of pressure that young people are susceptible to. If a teen or 20 something individual feels that their peers are all getting drunk or doing drugs, then they feel that they have to as well, to be able to fit in. This is especially true when the individual is already addicted to substances. In this case they have no incentive to get clean.

Recklessness of Youth

It may be a cliche, but it’s true that young people are by nature not very concerned about their mortality, long term health, or even the consequences of their actions. This only hinders them when they do go into a recovery program. They may have problems dealing with the underlying issues that cause their addictive behavior. Or they may not fully grasp the seriousness of their condition. Young people are unlikely to take recovery as seriously as they should and end up needed extra support to stay sober, or they might relapse.

Staying Sober in College

Transitioning to college is tough enough for non addicted youth. But for those youth who are in recovery it can be much more difficult. Drinking and partying is the norm at most colleges. In fact it’s expected. Those college students who are in recovery obviously cannot participate, and as a result could be treated as outsiders by their peers. These youth could also be struggling with wanting to partake in drugs or alcohol and wanting to stay sober.

The 21st Birthday Rite of Passage

21st birthdays are hyped up to be the best night of a young person’s life so far. Since 21 is the legal drinking age, young people turning 21 are expected to go out and get drunk. Not only that, they’re supposed to have a great time doing so. But for those youth who have dealt with addiction and are now in recovery, this can be a particularly challenging time. It is a good idea for these young people to reach out to their friends or sponsors and talk about their anxiety over their approaching birthday. It is important for them to realize that being sober on their birthday doesn’t mean that they have to stay home alone. They can celebrate their special day in many different ways, without drugs or alcohol, and learn that being in recovery can be fun.

Staying in recovery can be challenging for youth. If you need extra help staying on your path to recovery, contact us. At Lead Recovery, we have trained counselors and therapists who can answer your questions and provide support.