5 Of The Worst Ways Addiction Can Impact Your Life

Addiction is not always pretty. It’s easy to think “It’s not that bad yet” and avoid seeking help. If this is happening to you, addiction is impacting your life.

  • You’ve experienced legal trouble as a result of your substance abuse: Arrests, DUI’s, license suspension, eviction, theft, crime, selling drugs, buying drugs, domestic violence, public violence, public intoxication- the list is endless. Addicts and alcoholics can find themselves in different kinds of legal trouble which keep them circulating through an endless system. Some legal issues associated with addiction can stay on a record long term, for instance, any kind of conviction of a felony.
  • You’ve been hurt and/or you’ve hurt others: We can hurt people in many ways when we are active in our addictions. We can hurt ourselves and others physically. Being intoxicated impairs our judgments, causing us difficulty in walking and coordinating. We can fall, have accidents, or cause car accidents which can injure others. We can also hurt others emotionally by saying things we don’t mean, lying, stealing, cheating, and constantly disappointing.
  • You’ve lost material wealth in your life: When we don’t lose things in our life, it is hard for them to come to terms with drug addiction and/or alcoholism. We might lose a job, a friendship, a relationship, money, our possessions, our car, our home, and anything else. We sell things for drugs and alcohol, we lose things because we couldn’t pay for them because we were paying for drugs and alcohol.
  • You cannot quit or stay quit no matter how hard you try: We do everything we can to stay clean and sober except stay clean and sober because that seems to be something we simply cannot do. We’ve lost all our power and control to drugs and alcohol, unable to regain our sense of self and our sense of dignity.
  • You have watched friends die: This is a stark and unfortunate reality of recovery. Addiction and alcoholism are fatal. We lose friends, and even family members, to horrendous overdose on drugs and alcohol.



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