Examining the Steps: Step 2


shutterstock_331470764Step 2 of the Alcoholics Anonymous program is essentially a stage of hope. It is about understanding that you are not alone, and that you don’t have to be miserable and in pain. Step 2 is about believing that a higher power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity and peace. The key point about this stage is realizing you are not alone, and feeling hope that a greater power can help you achieve sobriety, vanquishing your addiction and despair.

To achieve this stage, you must have an open mind. By clearing your preconceived ideas about what the AA program is and what recovery is going to be like, you can make room for the healing and change necessary for a sober lifestyle. This stage marks the end of your old life. You will begin a new life centered around allowing something greater than yourself to guide you along the path to recovery. You and your support group should rally together, no matter what religion you each choose.

In order to continue on your individual path to recovery, you must keep an open mind and be able to look outside yourself for help. Whether this is through a higher power, friends, or mentor, you need to be able to admit that you have to rely on others to complete your recovery. You should maintain the humility you learned in Step 1, and know that you can’t conquer your addiction alone.

There are several misconceptions about Stage 2 of the AA program. For one, your higher power does not have to be God. Your higher power should be anything that you believe strongly in, and that you can trust to get you through this hard time. People often choose the universe, nature, human beings, Buddha, Zeus, music, love, Allah, or family. Your higher power can be anything. After all, the steps that the AA program suggests are just that–suggestions. You need to decide what is going to be most beneficial to yourself on the way to sobriety.

Taking part in an AA program can be extremely beneficial. Alcoholics can look to Lead Recovery Center to help them through this difficult time and set up a plan for their future in recovery. Call (800) 380-0012 to get more information and set up an appointment today. You should get the help you deserve, and Lead Recovery Center can help you figure out just what you need. There is hope; no one has to stand against addiction alone.