park benches covered in beautiful and surrounding fall leaves - awakening - breakaway young adults's transitional living for young adults in costa mesa, californiaWhen the Spirit is ready, The Teacher Will Appear!

Awakening can have several different meanings. It can mean a new beginning, birth, rebirth, or a significant event that offers new insight. This magical word, awakening, creates significant realization that human beings need to continue on the road of self-discovery.

There are multiple layers to self-discovery, so when one awakens, this is but the beginning. There is NEVER one complete awakening a human being will experience in a lifetime. The spirit offers multiple layers that will be discovered in life by keeping an open mind and remaining willing to grow along spiritual terms (whatever your spiritual choice may be).

There is a great mystery that comes along with personal awakening. Someone could tell you your entire life that the path you are choosing will lead to devastation and self-destruction. You remain deaf to this feedback and continue on your journey. 10 years later you sit on the bathroom floor, back pressed against the door, cold tile creating anxiety against your legs, and you wonder how you got to this point. You decide to take a walk to shake this relentless anxiety, yet it stampedes through your chest, spiraling down to create a shattered spirit. You have a seat on that ancient park bench you went to growing up, every time you were lost and confused. Only this time, there was someone else sitting on the bench. A woman in her late 40’s, strawberry blonde hair, draped across her right shoulder, gives you a welcoming smile almost insisting you sit. You never had seen her before, knew nothing of the life she lived, or where she was from. She was just there, for some reason, at that exact moment. This stranger, little did you know, would be the messenger to awaken a part of you that had been asleep for so long. You shared your troubles and she interrupted you:

“The path you are choosing will continue leading you to devastation and self-destruction.” This was the exact moment chosen for your spirit to awaken from this particular slumber. A light was now shed on the truth about you. Asking questions such as, “Did the egg come before the chicken or did the chicken come before the egg” is pointless due to the fact us humans will never truly understand how life unfolds. What our job is is to be awake to all of life, so we are more susceptible to having these experiences. As you keep your mind open, your internal alarm clock will sound, and the spirit will awaken.