Judgment – Breaking Free from the Age Old Villain

black and white photo from the outside looking through windows on a subway train - judgment - breakaway young adults's transitional program in costa mesaDo you feel as though you’re gaining a sense of power as you judge another person, place, thing, or your very own thoughts and feelings? If the answer is yes, I want to help you consider why you may be falsely informed and how you may be suffering consequences as a result of this. False power seems to be the master masquerade, covering up the more important type of power; Empowerment. Judgment’s job is to create a fear-based mask that is unwilling to challenge your own personal scaring or unconscious beliefs.

The difference between empowerment and false power is that empowerment awakens the intuition and false power feeds the ego. As a result of the judgment, whatever form it may take, your journey in life will not only become confusing, but you may experience a possible disconnect from your soul purpose here. I want to challenge you for a moment and ask you why you have certain judgments currently or previously? For myself, personally, judgment derives from fear. And fear breed’s threats that may be fancied or real. Due to this thinking and feeling of fear, this will lead to a shift in your brain function, which leads to change in your behavior, and the end result leads to deflection of any type-in this case it is Judgment, a seemingly protective shield.

Asking yourself these questions may also be useful in severing your relationship with judgment:

  • “Have I experienced what this person has been through? Do I have all of the facts? Is it really any of my business?”
  • “Have I experienced what this person has and I just judge because I am afraid to face this part of me?”

Considering these thoughts can help assist in removing the ego, and will open the door for intuition to walk in. Creating awareness around this subject will offer you a chance at keeping an open mind and potentially lead to more self-compassion and compassion for others on their life journey.