Why Every Man Should Lift Weights


shutterstock_291672323Lifting weights and working out can be part of a healthy lifestyle. With age comes bone density and muscle loss. Over time, weak bones, stiff joints and poor posture can increase risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.



Lifting weights regularly can trigger the body to keep the muscle which results in less aches, pains and even falls as men age. Working out and exercise is a lifestyle choice, not just something done on the weekends or whenever it can be fit into a hectic schedule.


Reasons to Lift

Many reasons to lift weights revolve around a healthy lifestyle, but it is also good for the brain. Men who work out regularly can lower blood pressure which reduces the risk of strokes. In addition, there are other benefits to starting a fitness regimen which includes lifting weights.


Strengthens bones – As men age, bone mass decreases. The likelihood of fractures in the hips and vertebrae increase as a result. Researchers found approximately 30% of men die within a year of breaking a hip. Spinal bone loss can lead to rounded shoulders and a dowager’s hump due to calcium buildup and loss of structure to hold the head up straight. This bent forward posture can lead to other issues in the back, hips and legs.


Fat loss – For every pound of muscle lost, a man gains a pound of fat. Five pounds of muscle are typically lost by age 50 which is replaced by five pounds of fat. To fend off the fat, build muscle by working out with weights and burning excess calories through healthy diet and lifestyle which does not include alcohol or drugs. Alcohol can quickly add on the pounds not to mention the other detrimental health issues which happen as a result.


Increased flexibility – Between ages 30 and 70, flexibility decreases for men anywhere from 20 to 50%. The joints have to move harder to get the full range of motion. Tight hip flexors and a body out of alignment with weak muscles can lead to injuries. Even if a man has never worked out before, it is possible to increase flexibility and joint mobility with proper weightlifting and exercise.


Metabolism boost – Energy is required for the body to digest food. Every time a person eats, some of the calories consumed are burned. Eating healthy foods post workout can help burn up to 73% more calories. Men who lift weights on a regular basis (two times a week or more) burned 9% more calories a day than men who did not lift weights, according to a study by scientists in the Netherlands.


Happiness increases – Men who lifted weights more than two times a week for a period of at least six months improved overall brain and mood including decreased anger and confusion. Increased happiness and a sense of community are also great reasons to lift weights.
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