Use Your Anxious Energy For Being Productive Instead Of Destructive

Anxiety can be an overwhelming experience which feels like it can cause destruction when it takes over. Through treatment and recovery you can learn how to effectively manage your anxiety and turn that energy into something productive rather than something destructive.

  • Recognize that your anxiety is creating energy that needs to be used: Anxiety operates on the body’s natural fight or flight system, which includes the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones are meant to put your body into action. When it feels like anxiety is paralyzing, there is a hyper production of stress being produced and the body is having anxiety about its anxiety. Instead of being trapped by anxiety, recognize that the anxiety is energy your body creates out of survival to take action. Next, take action.
  • Find something to do with your anxious energy: It’s easier said than done to get into action with your anxiety. Once you start moving and focusing on something else, you’ll find you get better at letting your anxiety go. Try making a list of things you need to be productive about. You can go for a run, clean your room, organize the pantry, or tackle a giant to-do list. The more you start shifting your perspective on your anxious energy, the better you will feel about handling it when it comes on.
  • Use mindfulness tools to shift your anxiety: Mindfulness is a proven way to reduce anxiety. Mindfulness is also a proven technique for being more productive and effective with your time. There are many different mindfulness apps which can help you find a moment of calm in the middle of your anxiety, then focus your energy toward doing something productive.

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