There’s No Keeping It In Moderation When You’re Addicted


shutterstock_324009770Although there have been decades of treatments focused on total abstinence and countless success stories of addicts maintaining complete abstinence, some people believe that the method is too extreme. They believe that you can beat addiction while continuing use in moderation. However tempting the idea may be, there are many reasons why total abstinence is the way to go for your addiction management.

Nearly every single addiction or substance abuse expert you talk to will say that, at least when addiction is involved, the best way to overcome your chronic illness is complete abstinence. Any cases of successful controlled drinking patters or weed habits are exceptions to the rule, not the basis for recovery. Cravings are a big part of addictions and, by indulging those cravings, you are only feeding the disease. Although you are no longer physically dependent on the substance, some people can be tempted to relapse by just seeing someone using the drug or thinking about using. The first few years of recovery can be especially tough, and total abstinence is extremely important during this difficult time, although using in moderation may seem tempting.

If you indulge in your cravings just once, you could sabotage your whole recovery plan. One drink will turn into twelve, and you can lose sight of your goals and dreams. Instead of satisfying the cravings, you will be causing them to grow stronger instead. You must always be cautious about slipping because you may be in recovery, but your disease is still there. The idea may be tempting that you can indulge once and be fine, but there are countless stories of people abstinent for years who then overdosed in one night of weakness.

Harm reduction techniques, which suggest a moderating of drugs or drinks, is appealing to all addicts. While you may want to recover, the act of giving up the substance you have become dependent on can be difficult. However, harm reduction techniques are rarely successful. The fact that you are in recovery means that you could not control your moderation of drinks. Treatment needs to set you up for success in the recovery process and make it easier for you to remain abstinent and healthy.

Lead Recovery Center can help you achieve the life you want, and the trained professionals can help guide you on the path to recovery. Addiction doesn’t need to be fought alone, and Lead Recovery Center can help you fight your inner battles. By providing the treatment that is helpful to your individual situation, Lead Recovery Center can help you achieve a recovery that is lasting and help you to avoid relapse. Call (800) 380-0012 for more information on how you can begin your recovery journey today!