The Hunger Doesn’t Care

shutterstock_154609064Hunger. Thirst. Desire. Need. Craving. Jonesing.

The ultimate feature of addiction is that uncontrollable and unending need for more.  It’s the whole driving force of unrestrained destructive behavior in the quest to pursue your drug. As addicts and alcoholics we can sometimes underestimate this fearsome enemy that haunts our dreams and destroys our lives. Like a vampire, we have this insatiable thirst for more, more, more… almost as though our very lives depend on it.  And with some substance addictions, they do.

This is one of those warning posts that stresses the power of addiction when it takes hold of you and your life. It doesn’t care who you are or what you want, it only cares about more.

The hunger doesn’t care about your job or what your boss thinks of you.  It doesn’t care about the next paycheck or your bills due this month.

The hunger doesn’t care about your marriage or relationships either.  It doesn’t care that you want to be loved and happy or that there are people counting on you to provide or support them.  It doesn’t care about our kids or their future.

The hunger only serves itself.


The hunger doesn’t care how broke you go trying to chase the dragon or the slow and steady ruin it creates for your life.  It doesn’t care about your health or your wellbeing or your life.  The hunger will kill you if it has to.  It’s like a virus.  All it knows is more.

Does this sound a little dramatic or over the top?


But the point is that you can’t expect your addiction and all the cravings that come with it to just go away.  It’s a persistent condition, addiction, and one that you will have to rise above in order to beat. You are the one in control.  You’re the human, the thinking, loving, conscious decision maker that pilots the ship of your own life and that hunger is an obstacle to overcome.

Remember when it starts to talk you into using again.  To make the pain go away or to brighten your day a bit.  Remember that it doesn’t really care about you.  It doesn’t really want to make you feel better.  It just wants more.

Dealing with strong cravings and a relentless addiction can drag even the best of us down. If you need help fighting your addiction, call Lead Treatment Center today at 800.380.0012 for advice on treatment and recovery options available to you.