Not Getting The Picture About Recovery? Paint A Bigger Picture

There’s something so boring about being stuck inside. Many of us have experienced. We can’t comprehend or pay attention to anything, anyone is saying because it’s all too small. The board is too small, the classroom is too small, even the ideas are too small. Recovery is full of big concepts about life which is a big concept in itself. When talking about the vast, vague, and intangible qualities of recovery like courage, wisdom, integrity, and honesty, it’s hard to make those things feel real inside of a small room. Recovery is meant to be small. Addiction made life small. Isolating and brutal, addiction reduced our lives to the confines of substances and the world they created for us. Recovery, on the other hand, blows open the portal to what is sometimes called the “fourth dimension”. With an entire new world at our disposal, it only makes sense to take a hold of it, full force.

Outside Magazine online cites a 2010 study titled Back to School: Back Outside by the National Wildlife Foundation. Students, of any kind, who are “exposed to outdoor education perform better in reading, math, and science; spend less time using electronic screens and social media; and glean lifelong leadership skills.” Numerous studies have been conducted to emphasize the importance of experiential education from adventure to nature excursions both grand and small. Just a bit of time in a school’s garden, for example, can improve comprehension and encourage greater environmentalism. Developing a more intimate relationship with the world increases our positive qualities as human beings because, as Carl Sagan once stated, “we are all star stuff”. What makes up our planet also makes up what is in us. Humility is a critical character trait for long lasting recovery. The prefix “hum” as in humility, humble, and human comes from the Latin “humus” which means earth and ground. To be a humbled human being with humility quite literally means to be connected to your roots, the roots of the soil and the earth beneath your feet.

LEAD Recovery Center leads its clients into adventure and nature every weekend with excursions, immersive learning experiences, and experiential programs. Our treatment program is designed to help each client develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to live a fully autonomous life, free from addiction. For more information, call us today at 800-380-0012.