Moving Forward Through Overcoming Your Fears

shutterstock_195505010Early in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the character Lucio tries to convince Isabella, a shy woman, to move forward with a plan by arguing that “[o]ur doubts are traitors/and make us lose the good we oft might win/by fearing to attempt.” We can take this as proof that, even in Shakespeare’s time, people were reluctant to take action out of fears that those actions might lead to failure. Fear is a powerful and useful emotion that can protect us in dangerous situations. Fear can also be a monster that works against us when we allow it to take so much control over our lives that we are paralyzed and unable to make any decisions or take any actions.


The first step toward overcoming fear is to determine is the fear is valid. You might be giving too much credence to a fear that, upon examination, has no basis in reality. Your fears can lie to you and exaggerate their significance. If you keep an objective perspective about a fear that is holding you back, you may discovery that, as Lucio predicted, your fears and doubts are traitors that are making you lose some greater benefit.


People who suffer substance abuse problems frequently cite fear as a reason for their continued use and abuse of drugs or alcohol. An addict will express fear, for example, that he will not be able to enjoy himself in social settings without liquid lubrication, or that his friends will abandon him if he doesn’t partake in drinking or drug use with them. Any drastic changes, including the changes that a substance abuser must make to overcome an addiction can create a void that looms large in the addict’s mind. If this kind of fear is keeping you away from seeking the treatment you need and deserve, you should understand that facing and overcoming your fears is big part of addiction rehab and recovery.


Your can handle your fears by understanding that you will never have all the information that you might want about what your future holds in store for you. Your counselors can help you identify as much information as is available to give you the best picture of that future, and to determine exactly what it is that you’re afraid of. They will also give you tools to help you look beyond your current situation to understand how your future can and will be better without your addictions. Further, they can help you achieve greater balance among your emotions to prevent your fears from taking control.


Your loss of control over a situation can be the greatest unexpressed fear that keeps you from taking any action, regardless of whether that action is taking steps to recover from a substance abuse problem or moving forward with some other aspect of your life. Alternately, you may be so enamored with achieving perfect results that the risk of anything less than perfect is unfathomable. In either case, you should assess your fears honestly and quickly. If you allow your fears to fester, they can take on even greater proportions that will make it harder for you to move forward.     
The LEAD treatment counselors and staff have many tools that can be used to tailor a specific program that will help you to overcome your fears and to take positive steps in your life. LEAD treatment is determined to help you face your fears and to identify them as nothing more than false prophets that keep you from enjoying a greater good. For questions, concerns and inquiries call 800-380-0012.