Gratitude in Action

illustration of a boy watering a tree while a young girl watches over - gratitude in action - hired power breakaway  young adults's rehabAn “attitude of gratitude” can change your entire perception of life. Acting our way into better thinking allows us not to get wrapped up and so consumed in self. It is a constant practice to apply gratitude in this thing called life. The keyword is PRACTICE. Selfishness and self-centeredness is human nature, but this does not mean you aren’t a grateful person. It simply means that taking actions and showing gratitude will alleviate some of that self-centered, ego driven lifestyle, and allow a new freedom to flow into your spirit. People cannot control the outcome of life, but they can control their attitudes, outlook, and actions. Showing appreciation is not always easy because there is a disconnect often created by human beings due to getting caught up in their everyday lives.

Consciousness becomes the moral compass that will always guide you back to being grateful and expressing this in your life. When you receive a gift from a close friend or you get a phone call from an old high school friend, how often is it that you express your gratitude and pass on what was so freely given to you? Becoming conscious of the fact you may not be applying gratitude in action is not a “bad” thing. Drop the negative label- this is an opportunity to create a new, positive, outlook on life, and use it as an opportunity to live in gratitude.

Ready, set, and….GRATITUDE IN ACTION!

Take a few moments a day to slow down, practice mindfulness and think of the people, places, and things you are grateful for and how you intend to show your gratitude and appreciation. As we are so busy at times searching desperately on the outside to fill particular voids, the answer is within oneself and giving freely to those around him. It is in the giving that you find a genuine connection with gratitude.