5 Tips To Embody Anger Management

Anger can get the best of you, but you don’t have to let it. Learning to deal with anger means learning to manage your most primitive self. These five tips can get you through when your eyes see red and the steam starts to blow.

  1. Act As If: Act as if you had your anger under control and you were someone who has been through anger management. You first demonstrate the way you would act if you’re anger was still out of control. Then, you would apply the tools and techniques you’ve learned to show that your anger is under control. By doing so, you’ll trick yourself into calming down and taking a look at what triggered your anger.
  2. Be Mindful Of Your Body: Anger isn’t something that only lives in the intangible universe of all of your emotions. Instead, anger is something that is built inside your body through adrenaline, cortisol, and the fight or flight system. Your muscles tense up, you might even shake, you can feel your heartbeat racing. Imagine your physical symptoms like The Hulk- when you feel that vein start bulging or your eye start twitching, you don’t’ want to make yourself any more angry. Using breathing techniques or a body scan mindfulness practice to let the anger flow through.
  3. Chant Goosfraba: In the movie Anger Management, the coach played by Jack Nicholson has his clients chant “goosfraba” when they feel they are about to tip over the edge of their anger. Chants, mantras, and relaxation techniques are designed to help your mind focus outside your anger and reduce the swelling of symptoms.
  4. Talk It Out: After you’re certain you’re not going to blow steam, vent, rant, or take your anger out on someone else, ask a friend for support in a healthy conversation. Find the source of what triggered your anger. More importantly take a moment to reflect on how you handled yourself. Look for the improvements you’ve made and notice areas where you can still progress.
  5. Let It Go: Now that you’ve gone through all the motions, it’s time to let it go. Anger turns into resentment when you don’t let go of what “made” you angry. Remember, anger is a choice and so are resentments. In recovery, simply put, you just can’t afford to let resentments rent out space in your head for free.

Anger Management is a supplemental recovery to the journey to sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction. LEAD Recovery Center offers multiphase transitional programs designed to help you build the confidence you need to handle life’s challenges and stay sober. For more information, call us today at 1-800-380-0012.