3 Basic Life Skills You Should Have Learned (But Probably Didn’t)

You learn a lot in school- a lot of information you probably won’t need for the rest of your life. Part of the general curriculum use to include practical information every child who would one day grow into an adult would need. Home economics courses were removed, as were auto shop classes and more. Young adult graduate high school and move into college expected to live as adults who never learned how to grow up. In the digital age, it is easy to find out how to do anything yourself online. The DIY- do it yourself- generation are teaching themselves “life hacks” and shortcuts as ways to manage the impossible task of being an adult. Without the proper life skills and coping mechanisms, it is easy to fall behind and struggle to keep life manageable.

Unmanageability is a common symptom of substance use disorders. Depression and anxiety can develop as a response to ongoing chronic stress. Unable to manage life on life’s terms effectively, many struggle to keep up with the ever changing tides of life.

LEAD Recovery Center provides intensive outpatient treatment programs to men and women which are focused on the development of each client as an able individual. Life skills development, life coaching, mentoring, and clinical therapy, as well as experiential therapy, help each client build their sense of autonomy so that they can feel secure and independent in their lives, without relying on drugs alcohol, or any other unhealthy coping mechanism.

Here are some of the most basic skills you will learn in treatment:

Managing Your Money

Thankfully in treatment, a lot of your expenses are being covered. However, you still have to pay some bills at home, cover some food and recreational expenses, as well as work with insurance companies to arrange any co-pay or fees. Keeping a balanced budget and working idea of how much money you have, how much money you don’t have, and how much money you need to have, is essential.

Cooking For Yourself

Microwaving ramen and putting ketchup on top is not cooking, despite what you may think. Creating a homemade pasta dish with fresh vegetables and meat with a balance of nutrition, is. Cooking healthy is not the overwhelming task many believe it to be. A few simple guidelines and basics will help you to feel like a chef in your own home. Feeding yourself and keeping yourself healthy are primary necessities.

Keeping An Organized Schedule

Appointments, follow ups, phone calls, lunch with friends, reminders- there is a lot to keep track of during the day. Each person has a different way in which they stay the most organized. You’ll learn how to process information and keep yourself on track so you never miss an important date.

LEAD Recovery Centers is committed is helping each client become an autonomous individual, living a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle of recovery. For more information on our treatment programs, call us today at (800) 380-0012.