10 Reasons Why Being Sober is Awesome

shutterstock_155550215Sobriety can be a really amazing, awesome experience and mindset is everything. There are many reasons to feel good about not drinking. Here are some to consider.



Heavy users may experience blackouts or memory problems as a result of using drugs or alcohol. Over time, this takes a toll on the mind and impacts the memory both short and long term. In sobriety, there is no fuzzy memory or calls from friends and family retelling forgotten stories.


Less Embarrassment

Family and friends will no longer be able to tell tales of what happened while on drugs or drinking. This not only saves face but protects personal and professional reputations which can suffer in addiction.


More Money, Less Problems

There’s an old saying money makes the world go round. Personal finances suffer with addiction. Thousands of dollars can disappear quickly. Just think of all the cash which can be used for vacations, hobbies or other things now it is not being spent on drugs or alcohol.


No Hangovers

Headaches, nausea, and general feelings of malaise are now a thing of the past with sobriety. No more throwing the covers overhead to escape the sunlight, think of all the free time that can be spent pursuing other hobbies with greater benefit and less risk.


Less Toxins

Mentally and physically, drinking takes a toll. Hair, skin, teeth, nails and everything in between will be thankful for the chance to rest and recover from the toxic effects of drugs or alcohol.


More Energy

Drinking and using drugs depletes the body of natural energy stores and also impacts sleeping patterns and nutrition. With all this recovered energy, it is an opportune time to begin exercising or developing new hobbies which are healthy and holistic.



Rebuilding these connections take time but spending less time and energy on an addiction leaves more time for loved ones but also the quality goes up. Sobriety brings many blessings and one of them is the ability to spend time with loved ones, sharing fun times together and enjoying each other’s company.



Sobriety is about learning to cope without the need to use a substance to have a good time or deal with stress. Finding something fun to do such as read a book, snuggle on the couch and watch TV or go for walks outside are all healthy parts of a sober lifestyle.


Just Commit

Commitment to oneself and others are important aspects of sobriety but they are also key components for healthy living. When it feels impossible, be reminded that sobriety once seemed impossible.



With courage comes respect. Sobriety takes persistence and patience to achieve from the outset but staying sober is another thing altogether. What people notice most about success is the work it took to get there. Loved ones, coworkers and others will appreciate efforts made to stay sober and clean and perhaps even seek advice on how to help themselves or a friend. The sky’s the limit when sobriety is the focus.