Referring Professionals

Professional Relationships

We encourage collaboration and value professional relationships. Success is ALWAYS a TEAM effort.

Your client’s decision to continue their recovery journey with LEAD Recovery Center is important. Our goal is to be sure that this decision is one which will have positive and lasting results. With this goal in mind, we have created some steps to facilitate an easy intake process.


Intake Process

You, your client, or client’s family member can access our Intake department 7 days a week at
(800) 380-0012. Our Intake specialists will assist the caller throughout the entire enrollment.

Utilizing the (800) 380-0012 number, our intake specialist will speak with the caller to assess the current situation and needs. We will educate the caller as to the program and benefits of LEAD Recovery Center. Clinical, financial, and insurance information will be obtained during the call.
An online intake form may be completed to expedite the process by the prospective resident, family member, or referring professional. You may Apply Online here.
Once the intake and assessments have been completed and enrollment is approved, an appropriate date and travel plans will be arranged.
When a resident has a referring professional, the arrangement for ongoing communication between the professional and the case manager will be arranged after enrollment.


Becoming a Resource Partner

To become a Resource Partner with LEAD Recovery Center, we ask that you provide a professional profile to be added to our resource directory for clients and families as they call or transition from our program. You may signup to be a Resource Partner here. Completing this form allows our team to make appropriate referrals to your practice or program.

LEAD has been established in this field for over 25 years and are eager to continue strong lasting relationships. We believe that if our relationships are strong we will spread that strength to our programs and our clients.

As a team, we host and sponsor many community educational events, workshops, and trainings. We are members of several mental health and substance abuse associations such as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), and Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS).

Please call us any time 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. We are available to answer any questions and provide any literature and further information.

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