Family Members

LEAD Recovery Center young adults are gifted with the opportunity to find daily challenges and successes to enhance every aspect of their lives.

We are ready to help your young man and have spent decades preparing for his arrival. Within our program, growth is realized using an intensive clinical approach combined with a focus on individualized life-coaching and living skills, with a strong emphasis on a natural adventure curriculum. We individualize these plans to meet the needs of your young man and his family members. Here, we are going to create life lessons and provide challenging adventures to promote an independent healthy lifestyle that is need and development specific. Our goal is to gradually challenge and empower him to achieve autonomy and awareness all throughout our LEAD Program. Through the successful completion of this program, your young man will become a mentor and leader in his own right.

We believe success requires a team approach. At LEAD Recovery Center, we encourage and support family involvement. Open, honest communication will become established building blocks to a healthy and supportive family relationship. Opportunities for continued family education, therapy, and adventure experience will be presented. We will continue to work and communicate with the professionals in your local area as identified upon enrollment.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your family members. We look forward to building lasting recovery together.

If your loved one is in need of help, please call us for assistance today at (800) 380-0012.

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