Call an Intake specialist at (800) 380-0012 to coordinate your admissions and enrollment at LEAD Recovery Center Transitional Living Center or you may Apply Online here.

Upon arrival, you will meet with both your clinical and residential team to establish the individualized treatment path for you. You will begin your journey in the Phase I Landing & Exploration House.

Please note the following guidelines, and for additional admissions information please visit the What to Bring page.


Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements will be coordinated with your Intake Specialist. Safe passage staff arrangements can be made if a resident requires additional support transitioning from their current location. If a resident is traveling by plane or train, arrangements can be made for the program staff to meet the resident upon arrival. Local airports include John Wayne International Airport, Long Beach International Airport, and when necessary, Los Angeles International Airport. Local train stations include the Santa Ana Train Station and the Irvine Amtrak Station.



Please advise the intake coordinate of any and all prescription medication you are currently taking, including dosage and prescribing physician. Please bring all medications with you. All medications are secured and monitored for safety.



Visitation arrangements are done on an individual resident basis, and they depend on the Phase system. Visits and program participation of the resident’s sponsor is encouraged. Family visitation is arranged through the resident’s case manager. Family participation in the program is both encouraged and supported.



A petty cash account will be established through the case manager for personal expenses such as sundries, hygiene products, tobacco, and occasional community outings. Financial accountability and responsibility is a solid part of the Phase system, and skills such as banking, budgeting and daily spending will be developed and exercised with the life coach.


Mail & Telephone

Clients may receive mail from family members at their residence. All mail is subject to supervision during opening for the safety of the resident and the household. Residents should bring a prepaid phone card for long distance calling. Phone use and hours are described in the resident and family handbooks upon enrollment.


Tobacco Use

We will not deny enrollment due to the use of tobacco products. We see nicotine as an addiction and will address it within the clinical settings. For those residents who smoke, there will be designated smoking areas outside of the houses and clinical program. Residents must bring their own tobacco and maintain petty cash for future purchases. All rules for tobacco usage are defined in the resident handbook.

Insurances We Accept

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