Hallucinogens Treatment Orange County

Hallucinogens are the most common, popularly used and abused drugs in our communities today. Familiarize yourself, your friends and family with the common street names as well as the physical symptoms of these drugs. Should you have questions, or are concerned about your loved one using these drugs, call our center and speak with a professional today.

Hallucinogens are commonly known on the street by many other names such as LSD, Blotter Paper, Acid, Magic Frog, XTC, Ecstasy, E, Molly, Adam, Magic Mushroom, DMT, Mad Apple, Thorn Apple, and Mellow.

Some of the noted physical effects of hallucinogens include hallucinations, time distortion, psychotic thoughts and speech, body tremors, excessive sweating, rigid muscle tone, difficulty with speech, distorted sensory perception, flashbacks, disorientation, memory loss, nausea, coordination issues, reduced attention, and reduced concentration.

Although overdose is not as common as an intense, “bad trip,” it can still result in severe and sometimes permanent damage.

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